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Power tek Solar Systems Looking Hard Water Conditioner & Solar Water Heater Dealers Distributors across India

Best Solar Water Heater and Hard Water Conditioner Manufacturer's in Bangalore

About Us

India’s leading and most trusted water heater manufacturing company.

Power tek Solar Systems is  Located in Vivekananda nagara Machohalli gate Magadi main road Bangalore.  Powertek Solar Systems is the fruit of efforts by determined and passionate entrepreneurs who have years of hands-on experience in Solar Water Heater systems, Water Conditioner, Solar Street Lights. This business organization thinks in the long-term perspective and works to synchronize business goals with sustainable outcomes…..

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FPC - Flat Plate Collector Solar Water Heater

The main use of this technology is in residential, commercial and residential buildings where the demand for hot water has a large impact on energy bills. Using hot water for bathing and washing purpose is both hygienic and helps in eliminating germs and bacteria. It also helps is soothing the muscles thereby improving the blood flow. It also helps in the prevention of Legionella Virus which can cause respiratory diseases. Therefore a hot water bath is both rejuvenating and therapeutic. A Flat Plate Collector is a heat exchanger that converts the radiant solar energy from the sun into heat energy using the well known greenhouse effect. It collects, or captures solar energy and uses that energy to heat water in the home for bathing, washing and heating.  Read more>>

fpc solar hot water heater

ETC - Evacuated Tube Collector Solar Water Heater

ETC Solar Water Heaters Systems comes with three-layered evacuated glass tubes that provide insulation and outer wall is coated with high-grade absorption material. By these, the tubes absorb the maximum sunlight even in the cloudy season, results in continuous hot water for your home.
Power Tek  ETC solar water systems can be a cost-effective way to get continuous hot water for your home. ETC water heaters come with the advanced technology of three-layered evacuated glass tubes that provides the insulation and the outer wall is coated with high-grade absorption material. This arrangement helps to absorb the maximum sunlight to keep water warm for any weather conditions.
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Water Softener Conditioner

Water Softener or Water Conditioner?

This is a question we get many times a day.  Water softeners are one of the following:

  1. systems that use the ion exchange process with salt;
  2. reverse osmosis systems;
  3. deionization systems; or
  4. distillation systems

The calcium inhibition system masks the calcium ions to become inert and in capable of forming scales on your fixtures, solar water heater electric geyser etc…by using advance technologies, the system prevents scaling of hard water stains of your faucets, taps, fixtures, mirrors, on your bathrooms fittings look good as new for longer appliances using bore water like geyser washing machine etc…are protected from internal damage and corrosion thus extending their life, reduces harmful effects of hard water on your hair and skin prevents corrosion of your house piping systems.
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power tek Solar Systems

Our Other Manufacturing Products

Power tek Solar Systems

Our Other Martketing Products

We are one of India’s leading companies offering innovative and easy-to use products for the growing needs for common household and industrial needs.

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Solar PV module s

Solar Pumping System, for Agriculture


Solar Heat Pump

Solar Home Light Systems


Electric Geyser

Water Purifier

Solar Battery

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Manufacturer's in Bangalore

Power tek Solar Systems manufacturing high quality solar water heaters, Water Conditioners(ACTIVE+), Solar Street Lights, Solar Lanterns, Water Level Controller (ACTIVE+). Founded and managed by qualified professionals with wide experience in the solar energy industry.

Looking Distributors and Dealers For ACTIVE+ Hard Water Coditioner

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    Power tek Solar Systems India’s leading and most trusted water heater manufacturing company.

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