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The calcium inhibition system masks the calcium ions to become inert and in capable of forming scales on your fixtures, solar water heater electric geyser etc…by using advance technologies, the system prevents scaling of hard water stains of your faucets, taps, fixtures, mirrors, on your bathrooms fittings look good as new for longer appliances using bore water like geyser washing machine etc…are protected from internal damage and corrosion thus extending their life, reduces harmful effects of hard water on your hair and skin prevents corrosion of your house piping systems. hardness in water is primarily caused by high amount of calcium and magnesium, so instead of the traditional method of using filtered, to remove calcium and magnesium, we have used a food grade media to remove the stickiness of calcium ions, as the problems occur not because of the presence of calcium andmagnesium in water but because of it’s sticky, scaling and layering property, and our products hits exactly and only the same, properties of calcium and magnesium. hence while calicum continues to be in water it does not stick to pipes, bucket, hair, skin, kitchen appliances, solar water heater, tiles, walls and taps etc… 


Anti corrosive food grade phosphate derived compound based( water soluble) tasteless, odderless, colorless & NON Toxic material used. 


approx 4 to 5 lac liters (depending upon water usage) time to replace when container float’s on water.

How To Use :

just drop in over haed water tank this products suitable for independent houses for tank size of appox 500 to 1500 lts, for more than 1500 lts, single tank apartment, complex please contact our dealers.

Our Performance Promise  :

Self performance test – ok After one day of usage take 1 ltr of your regular bore water and over head tank water. ( water conditioner tread) water in two different steel utensils and boil for 1 or 2 minutes and see the difference your self. Click here to check project gallery


Hard water conditioner

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